Dosing Units

The dosing unit DOS 500 for kieselguhr and other filter aids ensures a uniform mixing as well as a precisely adjustable dosing of the filter aid.

Thanks to a frequency-controlled mixer, the frothing can be avoided (optional).
With the help of the kieselguhr filtration, in a chamber filter press, for example, wine is filtered and beer in plate and frame filters.

The advantages of the kieselguhr dosing units:

  • uniform mixing of the filter aid
  • high-performance dosing pump
  • good aggradation of the filter cake
  • high filtrate outputs also in case of difficult turbidities

On a mobile frame, the dosing and mixing container with hinged container cover and an agitator with gear motor as well as a steplessly variable dosing pump, realised as piston membrane pump with upstream membrane, are located. The agitator gear unit with magnetic rotating field drive enables the opening and filling of the container during ongoing operation.

  • Mixing container and all supporting/product touching parts in stainless steel
  • larger devices also stationary available on request
  • dosing pump optionally with plastic or stainless steel pump head
  • In brewery version (B): Mixing container with additional emptying, filling line in stainless steel
  • optionally with stainless steel head in high pressure version with piston membrane pump
  • larger containers and dosing pumps on request

Depending on the size of the dosing container, the respective amount of kieselguhr is mixed with the liquid to be filtered in the mixing container. The adjustable dosing pump conveys the kieselguhr mixture to the mixing tube by which the liquid flow is led to the filter.

The setting of the dosing pump performance is determined by the turbidity degree of the product to be filtered resp. the volume of the precoat filter.

The dosing unit is connected in the feed between pump and filter (see scheme). With a high per-formance at the beginning of the filtration, the dosing pump enables a rapid build-up of the precoat layer in the kieselguhr filter, whereby a circulation is initially performed with the filter. As soon as the sequence runs clearly, a switchover to the filtrate container takes place and the performance of the dosing pump can be reduced.

TypFiltration outputCapacityVolume of containerContainerDimensions
DOS 50040-80 hl/h0-780 l/h170 ld 630 x h 600mm1310x780x1320 mm
DOS 500l80-180 hl/h0-780 l/h380 ld 700 x h 1000mm

1270x720x1220 mm



1  Unfiltrate
2  Inflow pump
3  Mixing tank
4  Dosing pump
5  Mixing tube
6  Precoat filter
7  Circulation line for alluviation
8  Container
9  Filtrate