Deep-bed filter modules SF Disc


A filter module consists of filter cells which in turn consist of two filter sheets that are separated from each other by a drainage made of polypropylene. The drainage is located on the clear side of the two sheets, i.e. the flow direction runs from the outside to the inside. The outer edge has an injection-moulded frame made of polypropylene so that a closed filter cell is created.

The individual cells are set one above the other with plastic spacer rings until a certain height is reached. The filtrate passes through this inner core.  Then adapters (O-ring or flat gasket) are fastened to the inner core in order to secure the cells and establish a connection with the filtrate line. The complete construction forms a module with 12" or 16" diameter and 16 filter cells.

Diameter:284 mm410 mm
Filter area:1,8 m²4,0 m²
Number of sheets:1616
Overall height:335 mm (double O-ring)
 275 mm (flat gasket)
Dry weight:6 kg12 kg
Adapter:Flat gasket or double O-ring
Material:Silicone (others on request)
Operating conditions:
max. operating temperature80°C
max. pressure difference2,4 bar
sterilisable at135°C

Sheet types

The actual filtration is carried out by the filter sheets which are available with different filtration characteristics. The areas from the coarse particle filtration over the clarifying and sterile filtration up to the separation of microorganisms are covered.

TypePermeabilitySeparation limit
 l/min-m² µm
SS S400,4
SS 1 650,6
SS 0900,6-0,8
SS F 1100,7-0,9
SK 10001401,0-3,0
SK 7001801,5-3,5
SK 500 2103,5-6,0
SK 4005003,0-8,0
SK 3007805,0-12,0
SK 2009106,0-15,0
SK 100 12707,0-18,0
SK 1017508,0-20,0
SK 010.20012,0-40,0