Plate and Frame Filters

HERMETIX 800/1200 P

The sheet filter "CLEAN SYSTEM" is a closed filtration system that we have designed for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The design is determined by the high hygiene and cleanliness requirements as well as the chosen materials and achievable finish qualities.

  • sealing of the product ducts within the plates without gaskets by the filter sheet
  • circumferential gasket in the filter plate hermetically seals the filter pack
  • membrane plates, up to 50% higher product yield
  • CIP cleaning frame

This sheet filter finds application in the chemical-pharmaceutical, for volatile substances or when drip losses have to be avoided as well as, for example, for the fractionation of blood plasma, separation of proteins, filtration of infusion solutions, etc.

Depending on the application, the plates are equipped with a circumferential O-ring gasket.
The filter sheet seals in this case within the plate. This filter system is 100% drip-tight and seals also without filter sheet to the outside (operating pressure 6 bar).

  • sheet filter without gaskets
  • plate formats 800 x 800 mm
                             1200 x 1200 mm
  • cantilever filter frame
  • filter cover in solid stainless steel resp. stainless steel plated
  • pressing by double-acting hydraulic cylinder with mechanical locking
  • drive and control pneumatically (exproof) integrated into the traverse
  • flange connections at the fixed cover (optionally with complete fitting kit)
  • inflow and outflow permanently installable

    The filter plates are optionally arranged with or without circumferential gasket in a plate package. With circumferential gasket, we achieve a 100 per cent sealing thereof – without circumferential gasket slightly less. By means of special cleaning frames (patent pending), a CIP cleaning can be performed, in the course of which all areas in contact with the product are cleaned!

    Parts in contact with the product, such as plates and frames, if applicable also connections, are available in polypropylene.