Laboratory Filters

Pre-filtration, fine filtration and sterile filtration are particularly required in pharmacy, biology, medi-cine and the food industry. Our high-quality laboratory filters are optimally equipped for these tasks. Depending on the to filtration task, among others, a parallel or cascade connection of several devices, pumps etc. can be realised.

The following versions are available:

  • as one sheet or membrane filter

  • equipment with sludge chamber and heating jacket

LAB 140 on 3 legs
LAB 60 with conversion kit for membranes (with figure) 
LAB 60 with infusion container 250, 1000 or 2000 ml (with figure)

  • The locking technique with clamp lock and gasket ensures a hermetical sealing to the outside. Thus, the operating pressure increases to 10 bar.
  • Filter and filter parts are compatible. If necessary, a sheet filter can be converted into a membrane sheet filter, membrane filter, infusion filter, double filter with infusion chamber and into a combination filter.
  • Equipment with oscillating piston pump for the conveying of inviscid media. By the integration of pump and drive, the pump is extremely small and has no shaft sealing.

All parts are made of high-quality stainless steel SS 304 or SS 316L. Supporting sieve, membrane support and backwater sieve are additionally teflonised; all other surfaces are electropolished. For the gaskets, silicone, Viton or PTFE are used as requested.


TypeFilter areaFilter diameterPressure maximum
Lab 6020 cm260 mm10 bar
Lab 140130 cm2140 mm10 bar


Operating temperature: maximal 90°C with pump, 120°C without pump 
Sterilisation: autoclavable maximum 134°C 40 min