Plate and Frame Filters SF 1000 B

Due to the four-eye-principle of the filter plate, with this classical sheet filter an optimal inflow be-haviour is obtained and thereby an efficient use of the filter sheets is ensured. The SF 1000B is used as sheet and/or kieselguhr filter mainly for the filtration of beer.

  • an excellent filtration result
  • great flexibility due to a range of SF deep-bed filter sheets
  • multi-stage filtration (double filtration/combination filter) with diversion chamber possible
  • plate format 1000 x 1000 mm
  • stationary cantilever filter frame on height-adjustable spherical cap feet
  • filter cover, traverse, support bars and hydraulic cylinder are made of high-quality, solid steel, clad with stainless steel sheets
  • gangways divided on both sides
  • depending on the frame length, the support bars are relieved by support struts
  • The suspensions on the filter elements resp. the support bars are placed lower on the operator side so that the insertion of the filter sheets and cleaning work are facilitated. Moreover, the mixing up of the sides when inserting the filter plates is avoided.
  • the hydraulic part and electronic elements are splashproof and integrated underneath the traverse in a housing
  • the hydraulic cylinder is statically installed in such a way that the loose cover is not loaded down by additional weight
  • automatic pressure adjustment to the respective contact pressure during the filtration process

Fixed cover

  • removable risers, optionally as inlet and outlet with angle seat piston valve, disc valve or angle valve
  • manometer in sterile version
  • safety sight glasses with vents and emptyings

Loose cover

  • further required fittings (vents, emptyings)

Selection of the fittings following the highest possible microbiological safety during sterilisation.

A diversion chamber makes the double filtration (e.g. for kieselguhr and sterile filtration) successively possible in one device.

Electronic control

A simple button actuation puts the filter into the desired operating state. The integration into the automation system of the filter cellar is possible at any time. An automatic pressure adjustment to the respectively required contact pressure during the filtration process is installed.

Special accessories

We can equip the entire filter system for complete emptying with a CO2-pressure emptying device. For the kieselguhr filtration, a catchment and conveyor device for the removal of kieselguhr and trub mass can be integrated underneath the filter frame.

Kieselguhr dosing device

The equipment of a complete kieselguhr filter includes the corresponding kieselguhr dosing device  with piping and flow meter.

  • ideal flow distribution by 4 eyes in the plates and frames for the inflow and outflow of the fil-trate.
  • optimal ventilation due to the position of the upper eyes a few millimetres above the sealing edge and beyond the plate width
  • the complete emptying of the system is possible as the lower eyes are located below the sealing edge and plate width
  • sealing by universal cuff seals which can be used for all sheet thicknesses
  • optimal utilisation of the filter areas and hence highest performance of the filter sheet by bar slit drainage
  • made of stainless steel SS 304 or SS 316L