Plate and Frame Filters

SF 400 A

The SF 400 A is aligned the specific practice requirements. It is suitable for the filtration of food liquid and is used for clarification and sterilisation as well as for kieselguhr filtration in smaller breweries or in viticulture.

  • an excellent filtration result
  • great flexibility due to a range of SF deep-bed filter sheets
  • multi-stage filtration with diversion chamber possible
  • cantilever filter frame made of stainless steel (including spindle, fittings and drip tray)
  • supporting parts are made of steel and clad in stainless steel
  • filter plates optionally in stainless steel or Noryl
  • standard fittings equipment
  • inlet fitting = angle seat piston valve, sight glass, glycerine filled manometer and hose bleeder valve
  • outlet fitting = disc valve, sight glass, glycerine filled manometer, sample valve
  • at the loose cover: water resp. steam connection as disc valve
  • optionally in sterile version

For easier pressing of the filter pack,

  • a hydraulic pressing device can be inserted between spindle and loose filter cover;
  • the spindle can be equipped with a gear-hand wheel;
  • a motor hydraulics can be installed in the traverse.

By the installation of a diversion chamber, the filter is divided into two sections, whereby a stage filtration is possible, e.g. clarifying and sterile filtration or kieselguhr and clarifying filtration. It depends on the turbidity content of the filtrate and the sheet type to be chosen, on which position the diversion chamber is mounted in the filter.
The kieselguhr filtration starts at the loose cover in order to enable an easy emptying.

Each filter plate has only one eye, for the trub plate below and for the drainage plate above because of the better flow conditions in the middle above resp. below the plate edge. This system requires no riser ducts, omission of hard-to-clean dirt corners. The liquid flow path resulting from the eyes stringed together is very easy to clean with a bottle brush or the like. The connection slits between the fluted inner part of the plate to the eye are with 5 x 35 mm quite large and even, due to the possible removal of the small window, absolutely safe to clean, if necessary. Accumulation of dirt cannot arise. Basically, the filter is easy to handle because the trub plate can be used only as trub plate and the clear plate only as clear plate. The filter is ideal for sterilising filtration.

Due to the reasonable composition and arrangement of the flute system on the filter plates, optimal flow conditions are created.

Technical details SF 400 A

 SF 400 A
Frame size25497599
Number of filter plates24487498
Kieselgur frames10162436
Filtration surface with filter plates / m23,757,3511,2514,85
Filtration surface with Kieselgur-frames / m234,87,210,8
Length / L ges. mm1270172023002800
Width /B mm630630630630
Height / H mm970970970970
Frame without plates kg190210230280
Plastic plate kg1,51,51,51,5
Plastic frame kg1111
Stainless steel plate kg5,25,25,25,2
Stainless steel frame kg4,14,14,14,1
fittings and threadsNW 25NW 25NW 25NW 25