Plate and Frame Filters

SF 400/600 B

Due to the the four-eye-principle of the filter plate, this classical sheet filter obtains an optimal inflow behaviour and thereby ensures an efficient use of the filter sheets. The SF 400/600B is mainly used for the filtration of beer, wine and fruit juices – with filter sheet or as kieselguhr filtration.

  • an excellent filtration result
  • great flexibility due to a range of SF deep-bed filter sheets
  • possibility of multi-stage filtration with diversion chamber


Similar to a filter press, a filter pack is arranged in a frame between a "fixed cover" and a "loose cover". Depending on the kind of filtration, this filter pack can consist of filter plates or a combination of plates and frames. Between the filter elements, filter sheets are inserted and tensioned together by the fixed cover and the loose cover. The fixed cover is connected by connecting and traction bars with the traverse; by a pressing device which is integrated in the traverse, the filter pack is pressed together with the filter sheets.


  • plate formats 400 x 400 mm for SF 400B
                             600 x 600 mm for SF 600B
  • cantilever filter frame including spindle
  • massive, fixed pressing covers
  • fittings and drip tray in stainless steel
  • movable on wheels or stationary on spherical caps
  • standard material stainless steel SS 304
  • however, also available in stainless steel SS 316L

An increased pressing force is normally required for the filtration with counter-pressure. As alternative are available

  • manual hydraulics that is mounted between spindle and the loose cover
  • manual control wheel with integrated planetary gear
  • or a motor hydraulics for pressing

With a diversion chamber or diversion plate, a multi-stage filtration is possible, e.g. kieselguhr and sterile filtration or clarifying and sterile filtration.

  • ideal flow distribution by 4 eyes in the plates and frames, to the inflow and outflow of the fil-trate
  • optimal ventilation by the position of the upper eyes a few millimetres above the sealing edge and beyond the plate width
  • the complete emptying of the system is possible as the lower eyes are located below the sealing edge and plate width
  • sealing by universal cuff seals which can be used for all sheet thicknesses
  • optimal utilisation of the filter areas and hence highest performance of the filter sheet by bar slit drainage
  • optional: possible with perforated plate
  • made of stainless steel SS 304, SS 316L or plastics

Technical details SF 400/600B

TypeSF 400 BSF 600 B
max. number of filter plates234973994999149199249299
max. number of filter sheets24507410050100150200250300
max. number of kieselgur frames/ filter plates5/612/1319/2027/2814/1528/2942/4356/5770/7188/89
max. number of support sheets (folded sheets-double)6132028152943577189
max. filtration area sheet filtration m23,47,210,614,316,533,551,066,583102
max. filter area kieselgur filtration m21,73,75,78,010,119,228,531,247,559,5
Dimensions in mm with spindle
L ges.1550252028703240268035804790575066507550
B max.695695695695810810810810810810
H max.1060106010601060137013701370137013701370
Weight without plates
with spindle25228329532295410541156125414221594
with motor hydraulic 312343355382101211121216131514841652