Everything flows

Our many years of experience in the field of solid-liquid separation and innovative ideas as the technology leader enable us to find tailor-made filtration solutions in application-compatible quality for every industry.

Here are some ex-amples of the areas of application for our filtration systems:


The quality of the product is our top priority for the filtration of beverages and food. Taste and gentle treatment, brightness and clarity are closely linked to one another. Decades of experience and know-how make us a competent partner.


The STRASSBURGER Chamber Filter press Clean System with membrane plates filters must and wine. In this process, the filtration is so gentle that aroma and character of the grape varieties are not affected. Many renowned wineries rely on this technology.

With a STRASSBURGER MicroCross® system one achieves a complete sterilisation with only one filtration. No filtration aids are required - due to this, this technique represents a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional filtration techniques.

For the desulphurisation of sweet reserve or must, we build for our customers desulphurisation columns in glass construction according to the patented STRASSBURGER process.


For the beer filtration we offer our customers the kieselguhr filtration with plate and frame filters as well as the sterile filtration as sheet filter or a combination of both.

Especially for pub breweries and smaller breweries the SF400A with Noryl plates and frames is a cost-effective solution.


For the vinegar filtration, particularly the sterility of the process and thus the shelf life of the product are decisive. We have thereby achieved best results and references with our MicroCross® system.


Aggressive media, high temperatures and highest purity requirements define the standards for the manufacturing and processing of the filtration systems.

Micro, ultra and nanofiltration systems for the filtration of protein solutions in the pharmaceutical sector or sheet filters without gaskets for the filtration of blood plasma are our daily business.


There are diverse types of sewage - especially for these specific niches, we have already found interesting solutions.

Sewage in the cosmetics industry

Sewages that result from the filling of cosmetics products or cleaners are very expensive to dispose of. With an ultra filtration system these can be concentrated many times over so that the investment for such a system amortises already after a few months.

Sewages from petrochemistry

Sewages that result form chemical processes, for example when rinsing the processing systems, must be filtered and require special sheet filters, e.g. with heatable plate registers.