Visit to the Middle Kingdom with the Chancellor

Julia Schnitzler, Managing Director of Strassburger Filter, traveled to China with Angela Merkel

As part of the 4th Sino-German intergovernmental consultations that took place in Beijing from June 12 to 14, Chancellor Angela Merkel was accompanied not only by six German Ministers, including Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), and several Secretaries of State, but also by a 20-member delegation of high-ranking representatives of German business. The group included Julia Schnitzler, Managing Partner of Strassburger Filter from Westhofen, and Siemens Chairman, Joe Kaeser, Carsten Spohr from Lufthansa, Harald Krüger from BMW and Thomas Enders from Airbus. 

Schnitzler also participated in the entrepreneur meeting of the Sino-German Consultative Economic Committee at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing (see photo). Following the discussions, which centered on the market economy status of China and overcapacities in steel production, a total of 12 intergovernmental agreements were signed in the presence of the German Chancellor and the Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang. 

China is playing an increasingly important role in the global economy. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also aware of this and stressed that the trip contributes to strengthening German-Chinese collaboration, on the one hand. On the other hand, the idea is not to sweep the differences in interests under the table. She says she wants to make it clear “what benefit we have from the fact that our large and medium-sized German companies are able to do business in China,” said Merkel. “This also secures jobs for us,” she added.

China also plays a very important role in the company’s development for Strassburger Filter. The company has had a sales office in Shanghai since 2012. Last year, one of the single largest orders in company history was received there. Further orders are in the pipeline. The filtration systems that Strassburger Filter custom manufactures are used mainly in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Here, they play a vital role in the production of individual proteins from which drugs can be made later on. 

Founded in 1919 by Hermann Strassburger, the company is now managed by Julia Schnitzler already in the 4th generation. Originally, the focus was on manufacturing filter units that were first used in the wine industry, and later on in the fruit juice and vinegar industries. In the meantime, a number of new fields of application have been opened up. Today, the main focus, besides beverage production, is on special applications for the pharmaceutical industry. The “Hidden Champion” from Rheinhessen has managed to become the global market leader with its patented filtration systems for blood plasma. Individual proteins are extracted from human blood to produce drugs that are used to treat life-threatening diseases.